about adam

I am captivated by the idea that everything is connected to everything else. I am constantly looking for, and thinking about, links and associations between things, ideas and events. My curiosity and imagination impel me to question the links I find and to think about further associations.

I am intrigued by the Aristotlean model of rhetoric, and I recognise examples of this in all forms of daily communication. I am interested in exploring how this use (possibly unintentional) of rhetoric relates to how we remember the things, ideas and events we experience and encounter. This drives me to question and explore the hows and whys of the ways we communicate our ideas.

I am fascinated by the seemingly endless process of critical, reflective, creative and divergent thinking, which allows for unbounded exploration of concepts and notions. I believe that this approach, this willingness to engage in a process of confusion and divergence, can lead to greater awareness of problems, issues and situations which can result in more effective solutions and strategies to these.

I advocate a think-share-explore approach to collaboration, as this enables us to reflect on and develop our own and each other’s thinking.

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I work at the University of the Arts London where I support students with understanding and coming to terms with academic communication whilst encouraging them to experiment with and explore a wide range of themes and subjects (including philosophy, sociology and psychology). I do this through workshops which challenge participants to critique their thinking around research, their art practice and the nature of education and thinking, and which encourage a collaborative approach to discussing issues and themes and addressing them through exploring a range of strategies and solutions. I am also involved in developing materials and training sessions - for staff and students - creating opportunities for cross-discipline communication and collaboration, encouraging an exploration of ideas and frameworks for critical engagement with approaches to learning and teaching